Our Winning Strategy

  • Focused on marketing research
  • Local presence
  • Creative solutions for your information needs
  • Abreast of trends
  • Full spectrum offering
  • Value for money

Who we are?

It’s our pleasure to introduce to you VISIONS MARKET RESEARCH CONSULTANTS PVT LTD. An independent market research firm based in Mumbai India and in Muscat Oman. We provide you with market research discovering what clients want, need or believe and how they react. The completed research can be used to determine strategies to market your product/service.

Market intelligence is a prime driver of competitive advantage. It directly affects your organizations bottom line. Be it a product or service a strong market focus is the hallmark of successful organizations. With Vision you can expand your ideas and change your business scenario.

Our Vision
  • Make Vision a benchmark in provision of market research.
  • Help budding entrepreneurs realise their dreams.
  • Expand Your Ideas And Increase Your Profits
  • Steer Your Business In The Profitable Lane
Industry Experience

We are experienced researchers who have carried out projects across most industry sectors and have the skills and resources to undertake both qualitative and quantitative market research.

Vision has most recently, provided market research services for clients within the following industries:

  • Consumer Products & Services (Paints, Food products)
  • Supermarkets/Malls
  • Tourism Industry – (Resorts, Sustainable Tourism projects)
  • Hospitality (Hotels, Hotel Apartments)
  • Restaurants (Theme based restaurants, Fast Food-Industry)
  • Training/Education (For major Schools, Colleges and Universities)
  • Logistics Providers
  • Construction Industry (Concrete blocks, Crushers & Ready Mix
  • Management Consultancy firms (Providing Market survey services)
Our Code of Ethics
  • To maintain high standard of competence and integrity in marketing and survey research.
  • To maintain highest level of business and professional conduct, and to comply with local laws and regulations applicable to our business practice.
  • To exercise all reasonable care to observe the best standards of objectivity and accuracy in the development, collection, processing and reporting of survey research information.
  • To instruct, train & supervise our field researchers with study specifications and general research techniques.
  • To observe right of ownership of all materials received from and/or developed for clients and other information considered confidential by their owners.
  • To promote the trust of the public for survey research activities and to avoid any procedure which, misrepresents the activities of a respondents, the rewards of cooperation or the uses of data.

  • For any potential research needs, please feel free to call us.

    Mahesh Asher